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Metaltech manufactures powder metal parts and components made from a wide variety of powder metal materials, including, but not limited to:

  • Iron Carbon Steel (F-000; F-0005; F-0008)

  • Iron Nickel Steel (FN-0200; FN-0205; FN-0208)

  • Iron Copper Steel (FC-0200; FC-0205; FC-0208)

  • High-Alloy Steel (FL; FLN; FLN2; FLNC)

  • Sinter-Hardened Steel (FL; FLN2; FLC; FLNC; FLC2)

  • Copper Infiltration (FX-1005; FX-1008; FX-2005)

  • Soft Magnetic Alloys (FF-0000; FY-4500)

  • Bronze (CT-1000)

  • Pure Copper (C-0000)

  • Brass (CZ-1000; CZ-2000; CZ-3000)

  • Stainless Steel - 300 Series (SS-303; SS-304; SS-316)

  • Stainless Steel - 400 Series (SS-409; SS-410; SS-434)

Powder Metal


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